This is the name of the folk group born from love for music and tradition in 1988. The name means “The Grenta’s robins”. The Grenta is the river rising in the mountain near Valgreghentino, a village in the High Brianza, few kilometres far from “…that branch of the Lake of Como “ so dear to Alessandro Manzoni, a very famous Italian writer.

The group is composed of 40 members, of different ages, who love music and want to keep up the old traditions taking joy and cheerfulness, everywhere with their songs and their typical instruments. They spend a lot of time practising together and with their hard work and their faithfulness they win the applause of the audience.

They have beautiful voices and play skylfully their old instruments that require ability, accuracy and good “breath”, and they are so clever that they can get unusual harmonies and amusing arrangiaments from their “Pan’syringes”. With their voices they can create a suggestive and exciting atmosphere.

The listeners are carried away by the music so they can forget their anxieties, trouble and unhappy thoughts. They have a large repertoire: Italian and local folk songs, waltzes, passionate tangos, nostalgic beguines, heart-broken songs, and even sacred songs. They have a great experience in concerts and at the beginning of 1990 they recorded a cassette too. The conductor is Gabriele Bolis.

Since 1990 up to now the Picétt have recorded many other cassettes and their performances at exhibitions, shows, parties, opening cerimonies and TV programs have become more and more.

I Picétt del Grenta Gruppo folkloristico Firlinfeu - Valgreghentino LC - Tel. 0341.604513 - Email: info@ipicettdelgrenta.it - C.F. 92009300135